Hello! I am Victoria Lai, a UX researcher and designer, driven by my desire to cultivate and transform user experiences.

For as long as I remember, I have been a servant leader, fostering experiences that support achievement and success. This is why I strive to develop products and experiences that empower others.

While I can endlessly gush over clever details meant to enhance experiences in tech, I also enjoy speaking at events, creating video montages, and camping.

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What I do

I can wear the hats of various roles in product development. This allows me to make informed design decisions and communicate these designs with all participating teams, from high-level to low.

  • Research

    I aim to make informed, user-centric design decisions. Through conversation, observation, and interaction, I draw upon users needs and habits and other systems' strengths and weaknesses to spark innovation.

  • Experience Design

    I believe in rooting business values and product development according to the users' needs to provide for a more valuable, effective experience.

  • Interface Design

    In order to maximize the user experience, it's crucial to understand how to create a rich, intuitive, and usable interface. In this area, I enjoy pushing for innovation by challenging users who are complacent with existing system norms.

  • User Testing

    User testing helps to keep the user at the center of the design process. I believe in testing early, and testing often to involve the users in validating and verifying the product in development.

  • Project Management

    Aside from design work, I am a strong leader who is well-versed in guiding teams through the design process, from initiation to delivering and closing a project.

  • Software Engineering

    Familiarity with programming, databases, information architecture, quality assurance, and software testing allows me to go as deep as needed to understand the viability of my design decisions.


Let's develop together!


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