Yummi Onboarding
by Team 5G1G
Project Description
Yummi is a mobile application that encourages users to “log their foodprint” by providing a platform in which users upload photos and document their food adventures and experiences. The emergence of smartphones paired with high quality camera technology has made it quick and easy for people to pull out their phones and snap pictures of their experiences. Food adventures are perhaps the most common types of the adventures that occur; food brings people together. As a result, many photo ops occur where there is food. In fact, of the 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world, about 35% have claimed that they take pictures of food. The development of Yummi is meant to give new life to food pictures so they do not simply to people’s camera rolls and social media feeds to die. Yummi’s platform gives users a place to document food experiences, but even moreso provides users with a mode of photo search and recall when the need for the images comes up again (for example, food recommendations or identifying food you ordered in the past). Yummi is a photo utility that changes the way people interact with their foodie pictures.

Yummi's owner reached out to our team to develop a method of onboarding that would ensure users understand the application's features and value proposition early on to ensure adoption and engagement.

The above personas were created based off of the users of the Yummi application. They cover users who are Foodies, Wannabe Foodies, and Nonfoodies and their individual purposes for using this application.


All mockups were created with Figma.

Design #1

Design #1 takes on the format of traditional onboarding screens presented to the user upon first login. These screens highlight key features and provide brief descriptions of use cases.

Design #2

Design #2 follows a tour format for onboarding. When users create their first post, they are provided with a walkthrough that brings attention to certain posting features and their purpose.

Design #3

Design #3 takes another approach at traditional onboarding screens; however each screen header works together to tell a story of the application's purpose. Beneath each header is a brief description about the specific features offered by Yummi to help users achieve each goal.

Final Design

After presenting all 3 designs, the client selected us to move forward with the tour format for onboarding. The mockups above are a sample set of our final mockup.

View the final Yummi Onboarding proposal prototype HERE.

Project Details